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Steel Products

All our steel products are made of the highest standards available and are either SABS or SANS approved. Our steel products are available in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum.


Quality solid round & square bar steel as used in a variety of agricultural, industrial, security, transportation equipment construction project applications.

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Steel Legend carry a selection of standard steel flat bar ranging from 12 – 200mm wide with a length of 6m and 13m with thickness between 2 – 3mm as is commonly used in various industries for fabrication.

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We stock a range of standard angle iron (L-shaped cross-sections) most required for construction work. Our range is typically from 25 – 200mm width with a length of 6m and 13m which come in both equal and unequal angles.

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Steel Legend carry a varied range of round, square & rectangular tubing in a variety of widths / dimensions suited to all common construction requirements.

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Steel Legend carry a range of standard suitable to a variety of construction projects. Our range includes flange channels, hot-rolled lip channels, galvanized lip channels and light channels.

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Steel Legend stock a range of universal beams, universal columns and IPE sections in various sizes suitable for most construction requirements.

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Steel Legend offer a wide variety of steel sheets & plates to suit all your building requirements including hot rolled sheets, cold rolled sheets, galvanized sheets, steel plates, tread plates (vas traps), egg gratings, expanded metal & flatex, zintex, aluminum sheets & plates and more…

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Steel Legend carries a range of handrails & stanchions suited to all types of custom safety rail construction.

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Steel Legend stock a range of reinforcing bars, BRC mesh and spacers in a variety of sizes to accommodate your building requirements.

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We carry a varied range of roof sheeting, including galvanized, Zincalume & Chromadek, stainless steel and aluminum.

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From straight fencing and wire mesh to palisades and wall spikes, Steel Legend can supply you with the right fencing materials for your perimeter requirements.

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Steel Legend can supply a variety of special steels including BMS, EN08 Bright & Black, EN19 Bright, Black & Conditioned, Hollow bar & Key steel.

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